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Maintenance of oil-free air compressor

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Update time : 2020-11-11 15:37:27
1. The air compressor works intermittently and the air supply is insufficient. Reason 1: The voltage is insufficient and there is a buzzing sound when starting. 2. Starting capacitor leakage, the compressor head can still start when the capacitor leakage occurs, but the speed slows down and the current increases. Due to the high current, the machine head heats up quickly, and soon the machine head will protect the machine and stop automatically. At this time, replace with new accessories, but please note that the UF number must be the same, too large or too small cannot be used.

2. The noise increases when the air compressor is running. When this phenomenon occurs, first check whether the accessories are loose and whether the running current is normal. If it is normal, the machine head must be replaced. The operating environment of the oil-free air compressor should avoid dusty places as much as possible. The power supply should be disconnected regularly and the dust on the surface and the two-head fan blades should be removed. The excessive noise is due to the wear of the four motor bearings and the damage to the leather cup. Replace the accessories of the professional oil-free air compressor.

3. Before the air compressor is running, set the air pressure of the storage battery to zero to start. When the power is turned on, you can see that the speed of the machine head is slow, accompanied by a buzzing sound, and the current increases. The reason is that the one-way valve is dirty and stuck. One end is connected to the air outlet pipe of the machine head, and the other end is connected to the gas cylinder. Its function is to pour the gas into the gas cylinder but not come out, and its inside is a spring and film. If the film gets stuck in dirt, it will cause reverse air leakage. When the machine head is started for the second time, it cannot be started due to high voltage 2. At this time, a wrench must be used to open and clean the rear valve cover of the one-way valve.