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Kopa Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, is located in Shanghai, China. Shanghai has unique geographical advantages, from industry information to product chain, can supply the buyer the most effective support.Kopa is an air compressor manufacturing and trading company.Kopa has a comprehensive capability to provide OEM, ODM service. Kopa has its own trademark and brand ‘RUNNINGWAY’. We wholeheartedly pro...
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26 Feb
Working order of oil-free air compressor
1. Remove the inlet and exhaust valves at all levels.
2. When the air compressor is idling at the beginning, first turn on the motor start switch several times in succession to investigate the working direction of the air compressor and the normal workin
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25 Feb
Original vehicle air compressor develops rapidly
In the modern times, foreign original vehicle-mounted air compressors started to use fixed-bed foreign original vehicle-mounted air compressors that operated intermittently. In the middle of the 19th century, the use of tunnel-type foreign original vehicl
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